1- Past WIP Tribes Maps

Hi guys!

This particular post isn’t going to be anything new and exciting. I promised to copy over my blog notes from the old forums, regarding maps I’ve worked on since the GOTY patch. I do have a few other things I’ve played around with, but I’ll likely make a separate post for that later (note: later may be after my vacation, which ends the 25th).

I’m also still considering what sort of tutorial to do first. Someone had mentioned just starting with the basics of Unreal and expanding from there, which is a sound idea. I’m thinking to do a blog write up here, give interested parties a few days to read over it, and then stream the content on Twitch- that way if anyone has specific questions after reading the material, I can go into a topic or issue with a bit more depth.


CTF- Terminus Station:
– aka, the “Katarx” map
— map layout is similar to Arx Novena, in that it has aqueduct like structures that help block line of sight and provide cover/visual interest to the map
— flag stands are about the same distance as Katabatic’s flag stands
— there is a central hill that blocks base to base line of sight, inspired by Kata’s landscape acting as LOS blockers from base to base
— central base has tunnels that go through it, just for some fun and interesting set design
— above ground, the base is similar to Arx Novena, but turned sideways
—- makes side-to-side routes easier
—- back to front routes are possible, but because the flag stand is angled it takes a bit of practice/set up to grab the flag with good speed
— The base interiors and gen room are very different from Arx
— fog set up is similar to CCR’s
— no “special features” (ie, sandstorms) are planned for this map
(added some new screenshots 8/11/13)


CTF- Creature:
– originally was just an April Fool’s joke, and had been a recolor of Tartarus with lots of extra trees for lols
— It’ll use the Tartarus art set, with the big trees
— going for a more early evening feel (so blue color scheme with warm lights around the bases)
— the terrain is 180 mirrored around the center of the map
— bases are slightly further apart than Arx
(note, looking back, I realized I never updated this gallery with new images- I’ll see about doing that Soon™)


TDM- Sepulcher:
–  (For APC: pronounced seh-pull-kur) a planned map, but I haven’t gotten very far into keep changing the design so I’ll just share what my intents are:
— Children of the Phoenix/ Inferno set, but with different lighting/colorations (similar to Undercroft Arena)
— “indoor” TDM, with interior cavernous feel.
— WILL have terrain
— Inspirations from Undercroft, T:V’s Cavern, and some Shadow of the Colossus- Barba’s Temple
(no gallery available yet)


Arena- Desolate
— small terrain-based map, size of Fraytown
— CCR aesthetics
— pretty open, meant to be a good honorfusor arena ground
— I like kittens
— will have 1 inventory station inside the base
— isn’t fully set dressed yet
———- later update:
— Alright, from feedback only a handful of people liked the open map style of version 1 of Desolate. Yes, it was super simplified, and while more was planned the over all consensus was that it was too open/bland.
— So I revisited it, and added a more playground type structure to a portion of the map. This is still being fleshed out a bit, so we’ll maybe see a few more structural levels/ buildings/line of sight blocks in later iterations.